"I have a great idea!!"

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I was just browsing through my twitter feed and came across a picture of a chapter heading from Alexis Ohanian's recent book, "Without Their Permission" (credit to Daren Smith for the picture) and it inspired this post.

What do you do when you think you have a great idea? Many people sit on the idea, pumping themselves up about how great it is then ..... nothing. Why is that? Did they speak to friends and peers then realized the idea wasn't so great in the first place? Did they forget, get too busy with life? Or was it something else?

For some they realize that there's going down the start-up route isn't glamorous, it's a struggle, a fight to stay above water and it can be incredibly hard. For others it's that they don't have the necessary expertise that they feel they need to get things off the ground. While this is often a valid reason, for many people, this problem can be circumvented or at least mitigated somewhat by outsourcing, partnering with a technical founder or self-teaching while building. So why the hesitation?

From my own experiences and those of others I've spoken to on the issue fear is the primary reason people don't take the chance. Many opt against going for their ideas even if they're ground-breaking because they're afraid of failure, afraid of finding out that their ideas may not be that great, fear of doing something that isn't a sure thing. Even if the experience yields tremendous amounts of knowledge, helps build a network of people that you can call upon later in life, many are too afraid to give their ideas a go.

I know I am.


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